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the tape.
Surround yourself with silence
hardly something to be scared of, should only be celebrated. with silence, we can hear ourselves, can be scary, but we must be herd. Every breath, as your eyes, smooth across these letters, curves, symbols, your breath is your silence. Dark blue skys, silence.
Sitting up against a tree, the perfect tree. This foliage is what will bring you your silence. Your breath, throught your nose, slowly can calmy, your breath is the gentel breeze of the wind. By the power of your exhale, you control the rustles and bustles of the leaves sliding against each other.   Every inhale, is that silence, again centering its self, your exhale, is the silence moving thru you, thru the perfect greenery foliage.
you are with nature, in its silence, and beauties.
We find the purest of ourselves when we hear the true silence
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the undefined colour by carolineg the undefined colour :iconcarolineg:carolineg 0 0
West Coast Dreamers
keep dreamin' you west coast dreamers, the sun will rise on our side soon. west coast sunrise
and say goodnight
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breaking sky
sky broke.
shattered among the clouds.
began to crack
dark purple veins
pulsed across the baby blue
the harmonious sounds
of two veins meeting.
releasing the first piece of sky
shaped like a body.
flailing its arms and legs
plummeting down
falling closer
hitting the surface into an immediate blue electricity
more veins met
more sky feel.
more colours came to the earth
breaking electricity.
breaking the barriers of the sky
reaching beyond more than the sky
the colour electricity that felt more.

le vieux mensonge le ciel est notre limite
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focus poin by carolineg focus poin :iconcarolineg:carolineg 1 0
no handel bars
For a long time, i was to scared to take my hands off the handel bars.
i only want to be able to stand up and spread my arms out like im flying
after this summer, my soul thickend around me
my sight to see, only made my bike path so clear
i can stand up, put my arms out like i am flying.
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sunglow by carolineg sunglow :iconcarolineg:carolineg 0 4 skittles by carolineg skittles :iconcarolineg:carolineg 1 7
sunshine smile
this is what i realized so far over my course of Sunshine Smile project. Love is like a bee, if you run at it, it will sting. If you leave it alone, it will morph into a dinosaur, and hide with the others. If you give it a good humorus story, it will not sting you, and lead you to the honey where u can meet all the other fabulous bees and find the one just right for you.
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Montana's whispers by carolineg Montana's whispers :iconcarolineg:carolineg 0 0
is easier than saying Life,
In a Revoltiuion,
there are battles and wars
victorys and defeats.
Just as in life,
wins and losses
For every revolution
We live a moment.
a moment lived on.
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you smile
they smile back
a friend is made.
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i found my heavan
One early morning, i woke up unusualy early.
i rode my bike near the beach, got a smoothie drink for my breakfast.
i had my music wasnt listening
i was hearing the sounds of the the rocks and leaves cracking and crunching under my rolling tiers.
listening to the sound of the wind whispering through my hair.
if nature around me was talking, i truely felt like i was listening, i found my heavan.
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It fighting for the life we dont have that seems to affect us most,
the life we dont have we can see growing an learning
the people around us we have the influence on
fighting for the life we dont have,
fight for what cant be there,
take one for the team,
and be there for the life we dont have
"everything will be ok"
Is everything we need for the life we dont have
Just a solider there, fighting for the life we dont have.
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caroline alise gergen
United States
Favourite genre of music: what ever makes interesting noise
Favourite cartoon character: couage the cowardly dog
Personal Quote: im leaving and never coming back, when i do come back, ill be THE KNIFE MASTER! - the rev.
so i went to costa rica, and had a great time.

i brought my new camera.

and then it was time to go home. and i told hanna since i had to be at check in in 2 minutes to grab my luggage for me and my camera was right next to it.

she didnt bring it.

my camera

is in costa rica, where i will never see it. mi called the hotel hey lied, said they dont ahve it

im still suppressing the idea of my camera being gone.

  • Listening to: the kids at the club by comet gain
  • Reading: apathy
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